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Location and Directions

Suite #211
864 South Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone: 310-729-5277
Fax: 310-652-1778

My office is located one block south of Wilshire Boulevard after Gregory Way, and one block North of Olympic Boulevard on Robertson Boulevard. It is a grey three-story building on the corner of Chalmers Drive and Robertson Boulevard.

My office is on the second floor. There is an elevator or stairs available when you walk into the building. Enter the building through the back door located in the parking lot. Use the outside building phone at the entrance and dial for #211. This will buzz you in if the door is locked. It is wheelchair accessible in the front of the building.


There is free parking in the back of the building, by turning onto Chalmers Drive. When you are coming to my office for the first visit, please park your car and then come up to the office, where you will be given a pass that you can keep in your car and put in the window each time you come to visit so that you may park for free.

Note: You may park in any of the 18 parking spots available, however, if you park in spots 1,2, or 3 you must go to the office on the first floor and leave your keys with the building manager because these are double parking spots.

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